Through never ending dedication and creativity, we continue to grow and extend our client list all over the United States. The goal remains the same, no matter the project and that's to provide the very best creative experience as possible. Dead lines, times zones, and sleep does not effect Madcap Designs, so bring your project(s) to us, and we will make your vision into reality.


Develop design-driven branding and marketing creative that’s response-oriented. Transforming ideas to creative solutions that improve retail performance.


When choosing Madcap Designs Inc. will offer branding, digital, web, graphic design, and marketing communications services, as well as public relations and consulting services. We will conceive, design and produce corporate identity programs, internet sites, environmental graphic design programs, packages, booklets, annual reports and advertising.



Larry Gibson

CEO/Creativer Director

Don Richards

Senior VP

Account Executive

Valerie Norman

Senior VP

of Public Relations

Josh Mackey

Senior Designer/

Motion Graphics

Parker Gammon

Senior VP

of Sales/Finance

Larry is a creative motivator, closer and Mr. Fix-It.  With 20 years of advertising & design experience, as Creative Director he believes that great design comes from stragetic thinking and solid insight to a clients product or service. He's also a Serious Gamer, Movie Buff, Comic Book Geek. And dont touch his toys!

Don is a veteran of the ad and marketing world, and likes to think of myself as a strategic thinker, a decent wordsmith and a staunch Cubs fan!

Valerie loves to bring big visions to life, whether it's helping a client take their vision to the highest level of excellence or working her green thumb magic in her yard with flowers.

Josh is a precision race car driver on the track, off the track he takes that speed and precision to his production process and delivery. Burning out our competitors; he brings the clients that thrilling chill down their spine, which leaves smiles and a lasting impression that keeps our clients coming back for more.

Parker believes that the building of strong business and personal relationships is key to any business success. Also, believes that anyone who loves boxer puppies, watches Seinfeld reruns and good scary movies gets two thumbs with him.

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